Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pop Corn Dress

Pop Corn Dress
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I've seen my share of Popcorn Dresses, but this is the best by far!

Friday, February 15, 2008

highway patrol

I had to take a trip over the last few days. That meant getting into my road-worn, dented and dinged, missing the sun visor, turquoise blue, '93 Subaru. I love this car. Without it, I never would have seen the volcanic shore of the Pacific coast. My little Subaru has traveled from the east coast to the west, to Toronto, to New Orleans and countless other spur of the moment explorations. The inside roof is lined with postcards, coasters and ticket stubs from many of the places we have been. She has been a faithful friend for the last six years.
So, on Tuesday morning I loaded her to the brim again with canvases, art supplies, clothes and technology; and headed north. I had a 14 hour trip ahead of me.
As Tuesday evening slipped into midnight and the headlights in my side mirror no longer had many followers, the road secretly sighed for a casualty; something to stop and remember the gravel that lay pressed beneath the asphalt.
"Just one tire, that's all it will take," the pebbles within the road impishly giggled. So they reached up and plunged their sharp little fingers into my rear driver-side tire.
The road had its companion.
It was dark,
and raining,
and midnight.
A few squarely lit trucks lumbered by but the road just ushered them forward.
So I sat in the dark, waiting for the rain to stop, or the sky to grow light; hoping the road would grow fickle and want to give up the weight.
The rain blurred the windshield as I kept my eye on the rearview mirror, watching the occasional pair of unstopping headlights. The darkness concealed the road's depth.
And then I saw them; the blue lights that wouldn't flicker by. Highway Patrol.
A flashlight brought back dimension. The graveled asphalt scowled under the jack and the extra pair of feet. And with the spare tire free, my Subaru and I could finish the journey.

So a special thanks goes out to South Carolina's Route 20 Highway Patrol. Thanks Sonny.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

nine oh nine

JM, from Paris, takes a picture of himself at 9:09--everyday.
he's right here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

more of them

the three of them under a lampost

the three of them in space

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the three of them

the three of them under an umbrella
the three of them as vikings

birds with heart

A whole flock of assorted birds flew into my imagination this morning so I decided to try them out on some cards. There's a little bit of layering going on and I'm adding a few lines to the envelopes as well.

And in case anyone wants one, they're available here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sincerest form of flattery

as mankind's mind expands ; creating faster, cleaner, more energy dependent, HEMI-er ways to do things; we feel the need to occupy the freed-up time that machines have lovingly left us.

So we continue to build....tape sculpture.

All this was inspired by this guy: Mark Jenkins

Saturday, February 2, 2008


sorry for the pause--i've been working on some new projects. of course Trinity has me working day and night on the backdrop. three heads: three ideas of what it should look like. here is another one i came up with.

and i've also been trying to work out an underwater piece with movable pieces. i added some embroidery thread to this one.

oh--and of course the T girl saw all the beads around here and insisted on a pair of earrings.

and finally--the cake part. i'm going to a sustainable group's party tonight so i thought i better cook up something appropriate.
don't laugh, my other cake is a Ferrari.