Saturday, August 2, 2008

i have to leave by 11:50

...a conversation between the drummer and his number 1 sound guy...

"I have to leave by 11:50, so I'm just telling you that if this chair I'm sittin' in is empty it's 'cause I left at 11:50.
My sister called and said I left the electric stove on. I told her NoWay, but then I remembered I made a grilled cheese sandwich.
I thought maybe I left it on because I had to decide between provolone and muenster cheese; but once I finally made that decision, the kind of bread became an issue; so I guess I got side tracked with the little twisty seal on the bread bags or something.
Anyway, she told me she could stick around until 12 and watch the stove to make sure it doesn't burn the house down, but then she has to go help pick out the nail color for a pedicure so I've gotta be back home by 12.
So I have to leave by 11:50, I'm just tellin' ya."

i love a rock show.