Sunday, August 10, 2008

the yard sale thing

I…um…well….should we get that?
Get what?
That yellow thing over there.
I thought we already had a yellow thing.
No we don’t.
Yes we do.
No-we don’t.
I tripped over a yellow thing on my way to the car this morning.
Well maybe a yellow thing blew in the yard…and settled on the walkway.
No..I’m pretty sure it was our yellow thing.
Was it long…with little spirals?
Exactly-I told you we had a yellow thing.
That’s our dark yellow thing; we don’t have a yellow thing.
Well, I don’t think we need a yellow thing.
But it has buckles.
Well, then it’s probably dangerous.
It looks perfectly safe to me.
Why would you have to buckle a perfectly safe thing?
Well, at least it looks inflatable.
That cracks open the controversy door.
Look, that girl with the shiny shoes in gonna get it first…

… “Excuse me, does this thing blow up?-and will it stay blowed up?”