Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pottery and Sci-Fi

It may still be warm in Atlanta but fall is getting leafy. The trees around my house are throwing leaves by the fistful. So it was off to the hardware store to stock up on gigantic paper bags and a nifty collapsible rake. I filled up ten bags and then noticed a crunchy, brown mound looming up in front of me. I thought,"hey cool, a spontaneous genetic mutation oak-leaf monster", but then I realized it was just my leaf-covered dog. Too much Stephen King.

Well, I was beat after all that raking so I headed out on the town and checked out a holiday pottery show at Mudfire Studio.

Then, with genetic mutation still fresh on my mind, I headed over to Wordsmiths Books to hear Emory Physics professor Sid Perkowitz talk about his new book: Hollywood Science.