Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

Well, here it is the day after Christmas once again which means it's time to start planning the year to come. Christmas Day was quiet but rainy. Rain is a welcome change here in Atlanta where we are still in the middle of a drought. The usual lashing and battering of the Mid-Atlantic coast Nor'Easters have been far and few between and Atlanta has been preparing for the possibility of a water-challenged spring.
The yard is still filled with winter shades of green, some of which we moved from the garden to the table.

The mailman brought another ornament from the swap(all the way from Australia) and a few dawdling holiday cards.
As usual, I couldn't stay away from the drawing board for very long so I threw together some ideas for future paperwork.

These will be incorporated into a triptych, I think. Look for it soon on Etsy.

I leave you all with this final image: the missing link between Christmas past and Christmas future.