Saturday, December 8, 2007


Remember Wordsmiths? Well, I went back again last night to check out their open mike. There’s something transiently magical about that place; almost like a thought or idea springing to life once the thinker does the thinking. Take the signs for example. They’re not huge back-lit plastic letters or laser painted, pressed wood digits; they’re draped vinyl banners. Like someone had to hurry up and carryout a daydreamer’s dream. I couldn’t help but wonder if the place would still be there after I walked out the door and turned the corner.
Trust me, it will be; they’ve got a blog.
The open mike featured the KSU Tellers, a group of performing storytellers from Kennesaw State University. Live storytelling is a dying art, what with text messaging draining the inflection from every conversation, so watching stories tumble out of live bodies was almost mesmerizing. And Russ, the new media/marketing guru, well there’s a guy with passion. He’s always there; making it all happen.
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Wordsmiths Books said...

I'm blushing-thank you. :) It's the people that make this place magic.

Wordsmiths Books said...

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